Hurricane Insurance Claims

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Hurricane Insurance Claims

The Law Office of Samuel Bearman, L.C. offers expert advice on hurricane damage claims…

News sources estimate that the 2008 hurricane season caused the second highest amount of damage on record after 2005. Texas was hit hard, and Florida was spared, but next time it may be different. Floridians know this, and most of them are prepared every season.

You follow the weather, buy insurance, and fortify your homes against damages, but you can’t predict what might happen.

In 2004 Hurricane Ivan made U.S. landfall less than forty miles west of Pensacola.
In 2005 Hurricane Dennis hit the Florida mainland between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach.
Dennis was the fifth hurricane to hit Florida in less than a year.

If your Florida property was damaged as the result of a hurricane, and your insurance adjuster…

Refused to pay for the extent of the damages
Denied that damages qualified for the kind of coverage you held
If a flood adjuster, he blamed the damage on wind and if a wind adjuster, he blamed the damage on flood

You probably didn’t collect the amount you deserve, and you may have a case against your insurer.

Attorney Samuel Bearman has the knowledge and experience to help you get the money you deserve for your hurricane insurance claim.

Located on historic 12th Avenue in Pensacola and serving clients across Florida, the law office of Samuel Bearman, L.C. is uniquely suited to handle hurricane insurance cases.

Mr. Bearman has handled hurricane damage cases in Florida for nearly fifteen years and recovered millions of dollars in claims. It can truly be said that Samuel Bearman is an expert when it comes to Florida hurricane insurance claims.

Mr. Bearman has handled claims from hurricanes including Erin, Opal, Ivan, and Charlie.
He has been asked to speak as an expert at numerous conferences on hurricane damage claims.
He has written a comprehensive brochure and is currently writing a book on hurricane flood damage and insurance claims.

Hurricane damage claims can be complicated because, in a hurricane, damage can come from multiple sources. These include:

wind damage
flood damage
loss of electricity
power surges

Mr. Bearman will take all of these factors into account as your lawyer. He and his team will share their knowledge with you and map out a clear path to successfully resolve your claim.

What else can you do?

1) Apply for a wind inspection through the My Safe Florida Home program.
2) Follow the preparedness advice supplied by the Florida Division of Emergency Management.
3) Track storms and get up-to-date hurricane information through the National Hurricane Center.
3) In the event of a Florida hurricane, you may also qualify for FEMA disaster assistance in addition to your insurance coverage.
4) If you own property in Florida, and you have a claim for lost or damaged property due to a hurricane, get expert advice:

Call 438-1000 in Pensacola or 1-800-760-6065 throughout the rest of the country. Or you may complete our online contact form for a free consultation.

Mr. Bearman and his dedicated team will handle your hurricane insurance claim efficiently and effectively.